CAL Forum

A program to help young men grow in

character, achievement and leadership. 


The CAL Forum helps young men grow in character, achievement and leadership. Our seminars provide the intellectual foundation needed for a flourishing life, and our mentoring sessions help students apply this knowledge to their own lives. Through these seminars, students come to understand the reasons for Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian views about God, man, and morality; are enabled to explain these reasons to others; and are empowered to reason correctly about important contemporary issues.

Freshmen and Sophomores

Each seminar involves a talk by a successful professional on their industry. Each seminar will also include a talk on a virtue.

SEP 18 - Software Engineering - Tim Desrochers

OCT 16 - Finance - Carlos Galvez, MBA

NOV 20 - Medicine/Surgery - Swee Teh, MD

DEC 18 - Bioinformatics - Juan Pablo Romero, PhD

JAN 15 - Law - Dana Cruz, JD

FEB 12 - Entrepreneurship - Alex Saldanha, PhD

MAR 19 - Medicine/Dentistry - Fritz Finzen, DDS

APR 16 - Industrial Design - Emmanuel Laffon

MAY 21 - Civil Engineering - Dan Leary, PE, MBA

Note: 8th graders are invited to attend the program.

Juniors and Seniors

These seminars present students with a college-like experience. The seminars involve reading and discussion.

SEP 18 - Reductionism

OCT 16 - Materialism

NOV 20 - Scientism

DEC 18 - Atheism

JAN 15 - Darwinism

FEB 12 - Relativism

MAR 19 - Positivism and Natural Law

APR 16 - Secular Humanism

MAY 21 - Individual Expressionism


                                                            1:00 PM - Seminar
                                                            2:30 PM - Break/Snack
                                                            2:45 PM - Study & mentoring
                                                            4:00 PM - Conclude


Each student is assigned a mentor who will meet individually with him at the monthly sessions. The mentor will help the student make practical goals based on the material presented in the seminars. Mentoring sessions typically last 45 minutes and will take place at Garber House, or when meeting in-person is not feasible, by phone.


To apply for the CAL Forum, please fill out an application. A phone interview may be required. Upon acceptance, students will receive a confirmation email and a payment request. The seminar fee is $200 ($175 if application is submitted by Sept 1, 2020). Click the 'Buy Now' button to pay online. Checks should be made payable to “Berkland Foundation” and sent to Berkland Foundation, 1827 Oxford St., #1, Berkeley, CA , 94709. The CAL Forum is open to high school men who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership abilities.


Mark Gibson, MBA, IT Manager, Accenture
Francis Adams, J.D. Candidate, University of California, Hastings College of the Law
Doug Tatz, B.S., University Administrator, UC Berkeley


The Study of philosophy is not that we may know what men have thought,

but what the truth of things is.

- St. Thomas Aquinas